Saturday, June 13, 2020

School Slave Days in Schools etc.

School Slave Days and Racism

 I am on very shaky ground here but: Is ignorance of Racism always culpable? 

Often humans act out the reprehensible. We COULD see the following situation in this light: If we were to ask any student or staff at the time of 'School Slave Days' (During the 70's and late 80's) what they thought about 'Slavery' as a concept, I think I know the answer. Yet they acted it out. We see many examples of this. 

'Racism' is a weird word with shades of meaning. 'Prejudice' is not. It is very specific and implies a consciousness of consequence. Nobody can be prejudiced without being conscious of it. But anybody can perceive a person as being Racist even when the perpetrator might have no motivation to be, or consciousness of it. 

Sometimes we can condemn the 'act' but shouldn't always condemn the 'actor'. Like: "Forgive them for they know not what they do". But once they do know what they do, they should not do it again! And so, there are no more School Slave Days in BC Schools.

It is still, apparently, OK to perform in plays and movies which depict atrocities and rank 'Racism'... Othello, Merchant of Venice, Deep purple, War movies depicting the Holocaust and American Westerns. Humanity is still able to pick and chose what it sees fit; right or wrong, good or evil. Protests can be conjured up to suit whatever taste. Today we are destroying Historical Monuments and Statues.

Abraham Lincoln was a slave owner...should we tear his statue down?

Winston Churchill's statue was not erected because in his youth he projected prejudice and Racism but for many other reasons...So why should it be defaced?

The English, Spanish, American, Portuguese and the Dutch are all guilty of their part in Slavery and the wealth achieved from it. So?

Give the kids a break, they were just having fun at the expense of nobody. They were unaware of all the significance of what they were doing. Most kids have a pretty high moral sense.

They did not dress up as negro slaves or anything like that. They just had a friend to carry their books for the day. And if they were not friends they would not have even been bought.  This is why this is so ridiculous to call this "Racism"! 
I remain appalled at the 'Preciousness' of certain sections of society today. We need to address reality!

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Monuments to Slavery etc.

I agree that symbols of slavery should not be celebrated but they and monuments to it are part of History; and History should never be forgotten. The worst of it should never "be swept under the carpet" or destroyed. They should be preserved in a museum setting of some kind. Even the major Nazi Concentration Camps; monuments to Evil, are kept to remember.
Otherwise most of the Stately Homes of the UK (Most now under the Umbrella of 'The National Trust') which were built from the 'Slave, Sugar and Cotton Triangle' should be torn down...Try that and see who cries "Foul"!
BTW, nobody has suggested that Caligula's obelisk should be removed from St. Peter's square in Rome....The most obvious centre piece in front of the Vatican....Look up his History!

Now, should we go to every statue and monument in the land and prepare a tally sheet of good and evil acts before we decide whether or not to destroy them? Let's start with Oliver Cromwell outside the UK Houses of Parliament...he was controversial enough right? How about all the pictures of Henry V111; or even Queen Victoria? She was inspiration to a lot of debatable acts throughout the world. William the Conqueror?...Tear down the Tower of London? Endless! "The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred in their bones" (J.C...W.S.). But statues and monuments remind us of both..."So, let it be..."!
What is even more astounding is that many of these protesters cannot even get their history right in the first place; Baden Powell was NOT a supporter of Hitler's totalitarian policies in any way, in fact he publicly rejected them...he only had a wish to collaborate on outdoor education for the youth (before the war) and even then rather perfunctorily...Read!!!

The slave trader’s figure loomed over Bristol for 125 years. Now a multiracial protest has achieved what past campaigns couldn’t, says historian and broadcaster David Olusoga

Friday, May 29, 2020

On Artificial Garden Soils

Be careful. Many soil mixes we have available locally have composted material which maybe not thoroughly 'heat' composted at all times. The ingredient's origin is either unknown and may even be suspicious. In short you take your chances.
Consider what you need the bought soil for. Is it for your shrubs, hedges or lawn; or is it for your vegetable garden? Is it for your flowers? The use is very significant. And it becomes even more important in a confined, sweaty greenhouse environment where disease can be an expensive issue.
I say, make your own compost for what you eat, from your own known ingredients...only use it for that. Use the other bulk stuff for what is less likely to kick back at you in either expense, or future frustration. Remember that artificial soil vendors want a quick turnover and profit. "Caveat emptor"

But the product may not actually be made locally or part of it may not. I have used several products here but I really try to find out as much of the details of manufacture as possible. 'Coast Aggregates' have changed hands recently, managements change and processes are also changed in time. Our local Waste Disposal firm has also changed hands, involving the same issues. Soil science is fascinatingly complex. You may also buy bagged soil mixes like 'Sea soil" of 'Miracle Grow'; these are pretty safe and their manufacture is often time proven...BUT expensive.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

COVID 19 On wearing a DIY Mask

Wearing a mask (face covering in public/shopping) slows the projection of particles outwards when coughing, sneezing and even talking (Supported by Health Advisors). I sanitize the OUTER SURFACE ONLY before and after donning/wearing. In so doing there IS some, albeit small, tangible protection from others as well, regardless of the type of DIY mask. "False sense of security"? BS, not if you do this!...better than nothing. Do it! All you need to do is dampen the exposed surface with a fresh sanitizing cloth. Of course, if you disagree...your choice!
Most do it with their gloves, so why not with the OUTER part of the mask? I also wear some kind of glasses. And, follow the S.D. rules.
I am not related in any way to D.T.😁

COVID 19 Update (May 23rd 2020)

I asked a US health care professional (Long term ICU Nurse) for her thoughts on the measures we are taking, or can take, regarding the COVID19 Virus. This was her response:
"The State I work in has done a fantastic job (so far) of social distancing and wearing masks. This had greatly decreased what we were expecting. I think the fabric masks are as good as the regular masks. The purpose of the mask is not to protect me but you. There is no way you are going to get sick or die from CO2. I think that theory is put forward by people who think this is a hoax and anti vaxer type people. I only wear safety glasses/goggles for known COVID positive patients or rule outs. I don't think it hurts to wear glasses though. I am still wearing my contacts. I know some doctors are not. They are wearing glasses at least at work. I am 100% for the social distancing. I don't think that means staying home necessarily but I for one will not be attending or going to any kind of place with a large number of people until I am vaccinated or this does the same thing as the SARs virus did a few years back and disappeared. I think things should open back up and I wish everyone would be careful when things open up but you know some won't. When things do open up I will be very careful about where I choose to go. I will still wear a mask.
Cloth masks vs regular masks are equal in regards to non medical usage. I feel at this point I have a pretty good feel for COVID. I work in the COVID unit almost everyday I work."

Thursday, May 21, 2020

A COVID 19 Update (May 2020)

Much as Dr. Bonnie Henry is loved by us all in British Columbia, Canada; it is of no surprise to hear from her that a 2nd. wave is the normal for Pandemics. Of course it is, because we Humans are the ones who orchestrate such a phenomenon. And she knows this!
Every Country in the world is now 'relaxing' because the people are being told "The peak is passed" or "The curve has flattened". This is just what the virus needs to start up again. We just will never learn! We cannot stand the boredom of it all.
So people..."Suck it up", you are in for another ride! And, you know what?...the elderly and the marginal will be the disposable next time round!
And Bonnie; you have done a great job here! It is those in many other Countries I fear for. You are a 'beacon' for them all!
British Columbia's provincial health officer says that a second wave of COVID-19 caused by the novel coronavirus is inevitable in Canada, but that the lessons learned over the past few months will help inform future responses.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

On Composting in Bear Territory

You can do it; just follow this:

 Never use any meat, bones, fish or really sweet fruity material. Always layer alternately with greens, browns and some spent soil from your pots. Make sure that the latest top layers are always, browns and or soil. Aerate by using a pole/ broom handle etc. 
If you turn your compost over, do it after it has fermented for a couple of weeks. If you do have bears around in your neighbourhood, then sprinkle vinegar and/or ammonia around and on top of your bins...Bears hate both.. I have never had trouble. I have 4 bins which I rotate.
 Good stuff: onion skins, vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, green garden waste (not cedar), wood shavings, flower dead headings and tissue or paper toweling (surprisingly, the latter two are very good, rot down and provide worm havens). Add some high nitrogen fertilizer once in a while too. 
We have an under sink container for use as a pre-fermenter; and only add the content to our c.bins when full and hot...always covering it well at the top.
 We eat lots of vegetables.