Sunday, February 9, 2020

On the 'First Nations' Protest against the Northern Oil/Gas Pipeline

What bothers me is the false perception that ALL indigenous people care for the land, our planet... and oppose this kind of thing. There are so many of them who have been paid off by the big corporations that dig up oil by the dirtiest means and strive to ship it to those Countries who unscrupulously burn the product to produce even more greenhouse gases. Indigenous people are NOT one Nation, no more than 'white colonists' are! Greed is universal!

I am in full support of the protesters but I wish the others would support them and, then, maybe, this nonsense can be stopped! Integrity is becoming rarer and rarer! Our Government is grossly hypocritical in fostering this.🤬 

"Racism" is irrelevant here for these reasons. There are people who want the pipeline and there are those who do not. 

The Government wants it because it supports their voting base and so they continue to thumb their noses at the need to, properly address Climate Change.

Regarding the recent expansion of this protest to include "Climate Change": 
In my lifetime, I have been in many protests; and in many effective ones. But none 'blanket targeted' aggressively ALL members of the public in their path. There were marches, chanting, sit ins, in strategic places but they did not jeopardize or damage the livelihood's of potentially sympathetic citizens deliberately. Any collateral harm was accidental. I believe this is how it should be. And ALL participants should be properly briefed regarding the elements of the 'cause'. The outcomes of many world revolutions have had very unpredictable and undesirable conclusions due to often inherent 'blind' actions.
We have an interesting world right now.
I respect the need for nurturing the world environment but I have ignorant people now passing almost 'racially' flavoured comments toward me because they know I actually care!
"Oh you are an 'Environmentalist', aren't you?...Don't you care about the Economy ?" Etc. I am so sick of this!
Some of such people care little except the state of their Stock-Market portfolios. Comments please! My local sports clubs are rife with this. I have stated my views on recent protests which are flaunting the law and are sometimes violent but that does not mean that I will ignore the plight we are all in regarding 'Climate Change' and the proven resultant 'Global Warming' which humanity is causing.🤬 

This being said, I do not doubt the underlying positive motives of many of the protesters.