Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Climate Change

Climate Change, Global Warming and all that!                                                       September 2013

The simplicity is to stop digging up all fossil fuels EVERYWHERE. Stop clearing forests and quit messing up the carbon-sink abilities of the oceans. The complexity is that this would overnight cause the demise of what we glibly call "Civilization'. There would be mass starvation, as the infrastructures of most of the Countries of the world collapse and wars would occur all over, to the extent we can hardly imagine. Our planet would, however, shrug her shoulders and contently carry on without our interference once we have destroyed ourselves.
So what can we do?
Naively, many say we should really work at sustainable energy resources such as wind power, hydro, and solar, while reducing the use of fossil fuels to a minimum .
But who are “WE”….Unfortunately this includes, beside ourselves, China, Russia, America and a whole host of Nations whose insatiable appetite for burning stuff and cutting down stuff will not abate.
GRIM. I guess you and I can sit on our donkeys and "tilt at windmills" (so to speak) for the rest of our lives! And don’t forget to stop paying your Carbon Tax or not!

In short:
I would gladly put a windmill on every one of my tall trees, cover all my roofs with solar panels and lobby for same on every available space nearby. I would buy an electric car and hope to, somehow, be able to charge the battery. Also I would dig up all my garden space to grow my own food. And for those who know me (don’t laugh), I would have chickens, ducks, pigs and goats in my back yard too!
BUT that ain’t gonna happen guys because I could never afford it....and, anyway the neighbours would likely object to the noise of the windmills. The wildlife people would object to the potential for frightening the birds and most people would complain about the aesthetics of my venture.
So, I continue to buy gas for my car, run my house on mostly natural gas and
a little electricity. I watch the stock market to see that my shares in gas and oil keep going up and live with it.

What about the rest of you? I guess we are all stuck with the way things are going , eh?