Monday, December 16, 2019

My take on the 2019 UK Election:

Socialism, particularly at the left end, always arises as a response to perceived or real neglect, mismanagement and greed on the part of the particular right wing which is in power. Right wing Governments usually have choices based upon their collective wealth. Often they take the more greedy route, ignoring the poorer parts of their society...and so the pendulum swings.

Let not the old adage, "Power corrupts and absolute power etc." apply here. Boris Johnson et al have a golden opportunity to forge new trade ties, attract investment and build the UK into a stable thriving, HEALTHY economy.
But don't hold your breath! An element of pessimism? Well many have been bitten before!
Regarding the Labour Party, read this, written by a Socialist friend of mine:

Unlike Thatcher, Johnson was supported by hitherto socialist towns in the North. He owes them and, of course, others in need.. Careful Boris! No drawing a line across the Country like she did! And forget a Falkland-type scape goat this time!

The UK may now see itself dissolving into a country consisting only of England and Wales. This election has closed and opened so many doors. Time will tell.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Climate Change Hypocrisy in Canada

I love Canada but do lament the present hypocrisy which prevails here in its governance. 

It is said that we have a Climate Change Crisis and we need to address it immediately. Its people are even taxed in the name of this crisis.

YET the extraction of natural gas (by fracking) and oil by one of the dirtiest methods on this planet is encouraged. Its export to Countries who are environmentally irresponsible is strongly supported. One of the excuses given is that the profits from the export of these products will be used to offset the Climate Change Crisis! Go figure!

I live in a town which has declared a Climate Change Crisis and yet the local Council does nothing to discourage the development of a Liquid Natural Gas Export facility on its own doorstep.

 Even the workers that will setting up this facility will NOT be local, contrary to what was hitherto promised.

An effective control of devastating Climate Change is hard in wealthy Democracies. The 'rich' control the power strings most of the time and the 'rich' want to keep their wealth. Any sacrifice essential for any real reversal of our world dilemma will be very difficult.  

The survival genes imbedded during our evolution could, ironically, lead to our demise as a species. We might be the shortest lived in the history of life on this planet
....Unless something drastic happens to help.