Thursday, March 19, 2020

On-line Classes

Online classes:
This is merely a discussion, or rather pre-discussion, hopefully, of this concept. I went to University 'back in the day' with all it entailed; and it certainly did not include 'On line learning'. What we have now in the present context is an opportunity.
With all the technology that is at our disposal, dynamic, multi-media lectures can be delivered right into the homes of the students.
This could include videos and a multiplicity of special effects, related t
o the individual course.
Sadly, the thing that is missing is the social interaction which I found most valuable when I was a student back in the 1960's.
For science (pure and applied) and practical arts subjects the 'Campus' is needed but all can be welded together after the crisis that we are experiencing abates; hopefully soon. Perhaps more practical facilities could actually replace lecture halls. Many are so large that large video screens and blue tooth devices are needed anyway. So these all could be done 'On-line'.