Tuesday, April 28, 2020

On the COVID -19 Pandemic

Here is a 'Modest Proposal' (apologies to Jonathan Swift):
Take an area (size is choice) in the Country. Seal it off temporarily and test everyone in it; quarantine ALL those who test positive then release everyone in that area to carry on their lives completely free but only in that sealed off area. No one must be allowed INTO that area unless they test negative. People MAY MOVE OUT if they so wish. Then move to the adjacent area and repeat the process. Keep expanding in this way and you will get a huge area....whole County....whole Country. Otherwise you will not win without grief. 
This will require military style co-ordination. And it must be done piece by piece in the time frame it takes to do the testing in each area with results. Small towns could do this easily but they have to have the testing tools! 
I think this could be achieved before the vaccine is available but we had better hurry! I live in a valley town of say 20,000 where there are only a handful of infected people running around but we have to find them!
"If I ruled the World"! 

When this started in China (we think) the virus started to spread. People all over the world panicked and instituted measures to protect their citizens. Statistics were followed and Politicians responded. 
Now we have a "Pandemic". They now say we have a 'peak' so now we can start to relax. The trouble is the virus has nothing in its genome about relaxation! Its mandate is to keep spreading. It will. 
Governments have instituted controls without informing their people actually why. The "why" is to alleviate the pressure on the health services to cope. 
This virus will keep infecting people in future waves until it burns itself out, or we get a vaccine and therapeutic chemicals to curtail its effect. So take care, protect yourselves. The outcome will be the same, whatever, unfortunately.