Friday, April 20, 2018

An update on Roundabouts

Here we go again!
I just watched our Global News and, guess what ?...They bought up the issue of roundabouts re. the recent Bus/ Truck tragedy at an intersection.
I have been saying for years that Roundabouts save lives...And they are statistically proven to reduce fatalities by over 90%. In our local town we need a roundabout or even more roundabouts at our problem, accident prone, intersections.
The D.O.S.Council has not pushed hard enough in lobbying for this...I guess more people have to die first!

I hope The Ministry responsible for BC.Highways sees this and stops dragging their butts on this! In Countries where there is extensive use of roundabouts there is far less road rage.....the people who use them have to drive, drive well and have little time for the confrontations we see here. Even in those places where it seems that there are no rules....if you watch you can see the skills, the concentration and the resulting statistical lack of serious incidences. Go with the flow, concentrate, use your horn when necessary, learn and keep cool! Oh and I.C.B.C should reward good drivers and severely nail the bad ones! Wanna see what I mean?... ride in a Taxi in Mexico City...a humbling experience!  :That's all I have to say about that"...for now. Now go to this link:

Friday, April 13, 2018

On the Kinder Morgan Pipeline April 2018

Much has been said recently on this issue:

The trouble is, the Premiere of Alberta wants her "cake and eat it'. 

She wants to keep her economy going with minimal tax ( think about their sales tax!). She does not want to give us (BC) anything in terms of monetary support for our inconvenience and possible damage to our water ways. 

She says she supports Confederation but her Province is one of the richest in resources. If we are a Confederation, we should all have equal shares in those resources. We pay heavy sales tax and so should they. For her to threaten to cripple our economy and cut off our rightful resources is inexcusable. 

I have words for her and they are not polite! The whole Province of BC should not be punished as a result of her desires The Feds should step up to the plate and sort this out very soon. Why should I pay almost twice as much for my gas and oil because of the extreme views of a few. I am not against the pipe line,only the very real dangers to our inner waterway. 

The pipeline should go to the Roberts Bank area and an extra pier for loading should be constructed. Yes I AM for the curtailment of Fossil-fuel use but it should be done gradually. Better still, burn our own resources for our own use and not export it all to nations who have little conscience in its use.....pissed off!!!

A slightly different view from a friend:

"So far it’s been a lot of hyperbole on both sides. I fully support John Horgan in his perfectly legal means of slowing down and trying to stop the pipeline. 

BC has not challenged the constitution or done anything illegal. They have used the courts to challenge another governments decision. That is how the rule of law in a democratic society works. Kinder Morgan is using this to get out of a bad deal for them. The fact that they just discovered a huge reserve of much cheaper oil in Bahrain probably has nothing to do with their decision to mothball the pipeline. 

Notice they were very particular not to abandon the pipeline, just stop any further development at this time. They want concessions to get their costs lower. They don’t want to pay for a spill response until a spill happens. If they don’t get that they still have Bahrain. It’s a win/win for them."

Here is an article related to all this: