Saturday, January 5, 2019

On Naturally derived alternate chemical treatments and legally accepted drugs in medicine.

A friend stated:

“In an era of misinformation, alternative medicine needs to be more tightly regulated.”  
And I replied:

 “Then they should make sure that the regular medicines are neither too conservative (beyond reasonable safety requirements) nor ridiculously expensive due to the large drug company's monopoly. These drugs should also be free of harmful side effects. Science is never absolute and many so called "studies" are often proved to be flawed.

Scientific method is a common thought/behavioural process of all intelligent people. It can be performed in remote rain forests and has been performed back in History and even Prehistorical times.  For example, before ‘Aspirin’ was developed and legally tested the chewing of willow bark was commonly used as an analgesic. Willow contains a chemical which is similar in its effect and chemistry as that found in ‘Aspirin’. Recently, when we were on a tour of part of the Amazon basin we stayed in a native village. Here we were introduced to several plant derived natural remedies which had been in use for countless years. Their efficacy  is well established, accepted and respected.

The modern science of medicine is just one aspect of S.M. conjunction.

Modern medicine has produced many legally tested drugs, many actually facsimiles or stereo-isometric versions of naturally discovered drugs (This is necessary for satisfying patent law). Often these result in unfortunate side effects. Science is not perfect ever, even if the best we have".

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