Sunday, April 21, 2019

A Thought about Climate change

We are at a dilemma here. Most of us who care are under political systems which hardly address the situation which the threat of climate change poses.

We have right wing, middle, right and far-right systems besides left-wing in the spectrum of modern Politics.

None of these adequately address the issue of  #ClimateChange and its future effect on our planet.

The "Green" parties rarely have enough votes to wield any power and so we have a 'pendulum' forever swinging between the rich who want to keep rich and the poorer who want to simply "make ends meet".

Politics cares little for the good of ALL, only for their perception of 'good' inherent in their specific platforms. And even then, most of the intentions seem to get lost or fade in their potential effectiveness. So, what real hope is there?

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