Saturday, November 16, 2019

A Myth Buster Rant:

Recently there have been claims that paper and cloth shopping bags are worse than plastic bags for the environment (re. Climate Change).
We have had a few cloth bags for years and they have been used hundreds of times instead of plastic bags!
If you have a cloth bag USE IT LIKEWISE. Then you also will not need to use paper bags either. If you do ever use a plastic bag, find further use for it for a while and then ensure that it is buried somehow and not allowed to enter the ocean's food chain in any way. And cloth bags DO NOT HAVE TO BE COTTON. Many bags are made of synthetic fibers which are themselves derived from the oil industry and, as such, are 'carbon sinks' if they are kept out of the food chain or not burnt. Pass them down to your grandchildren!
BTW, in our town (Squamish), we have excellent lead free drinking water. THERE IS NO NEED to use plastic disposable water bottles. USE TAP WATER. Carry any drinking water in a permanently dedicated bottle.

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