Saturday, May 26, 2018

North Korea......My Druthers and Crystal Ball

Mr Trump is doing his usual switching back and forth. Or is he applying some subtle brilliant diplomacy? Take your choice, I guess! South Korea and North Korea have just had a surprise meeting. And, as Trump so often says, "Wait and see!"

The US would like to see North Korea clear out all their "Nukes" and has even suggested that they be shipped to the USA. They also would like to keep the Nuclear umbrella in that area as future security. Seems like a real stumbling block to me.

The carrot that Trump APPEARS to be offering is protection from the US, relaxation of all sanctions and even direct support for the North's move to stability and prosperity. But what will Kim do ? He is being pushed into a sticky corner. He would dearly love to keep his "Nukes" for his Country's protection and as a deterrent. The fear of a 'Libya situation' looms in his mind. His fears and distrust need to be allayed. 

So what next? I think they SHOULD have a summit, put all the cards on the table and move toward denuclarization ASAP, with a signed treaty which ensures the North's protection, coupled with real support. Pile on some real goodies and Kim will bite...they have been desperately in need for years.

The USA should remove their military stuff from South Korea completely. They don't need them there. In the case of any aggression from the North, the USA has more than enough Nuclear contingencies in the form of submarines and ICBMs. They have their navy which can be deployed in the unlikely-hood of a unilateral act from the North. China could help in this whole process if Trump would stop upsetting them. 

With this being written, I will return to my comfortable arm-chair! The downside for me is that if this works, they will probably give Trump the Nobel Peace Prize! :-)

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