Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A wee history of Capitalism in Squamish

In 1975 my wife and I had saved enough money to invest in some property. We went along to visit Pat Goode who was developing Garibaldi Highlands. He was giving 'options' on new properties there. We selected a lot and signed up but then he said we could have options on two or three more under a "Gentleman's Agreement" and not to have to even put down a deposit. Yes!...can you believe this?...Well it happened. We did not take him up on it but some of my friends did. And did they ever make a packet on the deals because he honoured it even two or three years later. We don't have those kind of people anymore.He was a "Gentleman". 
And he got the Highlands developed in an efficient and tasteful way. He called it "Painting on the Land". "Every property should have a view", he said and most did from his legacy.

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