Wednesday, November 14, 2018

 On Composting in Squamish and Garden Waste Disposal

Cedar in compost is undesirable. The resin in the cedar makes it smell nice, gives it resistance to decay, repels some insects (particularly fleas and moths), and has some allelopathic properties, not just to plants, but to the microbes in your compost heap. So far better to use deciduous leaves as the main ingredient. No good gardener will put cedar waste in their composters as a preference...I never do!

Regarding Waste disposal collection by the District of Squamish: It is all down to good habits really. We never have anything with any odour in our bins until an hour before pick-up. We compost correctly and freeze any smelly kitchen waste until the day of pick-up. We have never had the the contents of our totes or compost bins pulled out and spread over our lot. We have had a couple of empty ones knocked over by a curious bear several years ago. All recyclable food containers MUST be washed.

As for the schedule for Garden Waste pick-up:
Here is a pretty good run-down.....March/April are high season for clean-up in the garden. It tails off in May. June/July..not much...maybe some grass clippings. October/November...Leaves, leaves. 
I suggest that June and July be Bi-weekly and all the rest  including March to the end of November be Weekly....Result no extra cost to home owners. 
The District should have extended the garden Waste pick-up to Dec 1st.


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