Saturday, November 17, 2018


We all need to consider what is happening right now:

We have a world which is fast succumbing to Climate Change of which most   either are not aware, ignore  or over-ride. This is either a product of lack of education, ignorance or a blind quest for the ‘here and now’ to achieve short term prosperity. The latter is very much in evidence in the ‘well heeled’ countries of our world. In short…Greed!

There appears to be an elusive solution. We have a very short time to achieve a consciousness of this problem. Some say 12 years! Meanwhile the world is tipping toward the extreme ‘Right’ and History is looming to repetition.

We have had many destructive Conflicts/Wars in the past and we have rebuilt; indeed we have ”stood up, shook ourselves off and started all over again” but now things are very different. We are faced with the possibility of catastrophic world famine, health harming pollution, overcrowding and much, much worse.
The ‘Elder-awareness’ of History means little to the ‘Cell-phone-toting' youth. 

And the ‘Millennial's' seem to have a reputation (founded or not) of entitlement. We could say that all this seems bleak.

Let us hope that there will appear a light and the end of the tunnel…but we all should seek it! There is much technological knowledge presently accumulated in our archives which we must be prepared to use SOON!

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