Friday, September 27, 2019

Nationalism and the World

Everybody on this planet agrees that they should be proud of their Country. This kind of pride, to everyone, would seem like, 'Motherhood'.

However, History has shown, often, otherwise. Humans are, by their nature, competitive animals. What we want, we want to get, and keep.

We have seen many situations where Countries/States have united for a perceived benefit. The Prussian states did it under Bismark. The Italian states did under Victor Emanual in 1848. Europe has tried it with the EU including the UK. The UK is still a 'Union'...for now.

Canada is a Confederation but Quebec is still straining at the leash. Nationists argue for freedom as their marching call...they want autonomy within their boundaries. But today is all this, always, advisable?

We are faced with trade wars which affect individual economies. We have worldwide conflicts as usual and now we have the threat of devastating Climate Change.

 I say we cannot afford to propagate Nationalism much further. We are increasingly seeing a trend toward the breakdown of Unity in great blocks of our world. This is only increasing conflict. There would seem no way out of this. We abhor the idea of one Country taking over the whole world and imposing world Government benign or likely otherwise. But we cannot keep repeating this competitive drive toward conflict.

We have copious amounts of technologies to help us solve Climate Change. But with our present world political structure, the use of it is very inefficient. There are even some Countries who do not believe in Climate Change because their incumbent misguided leaders do not. Indeed, some might say we are 'screwed'.

In short, I think we should start to turn our backs on the concept of Nationalism and move toward a positive Global approach for all the good reasons! 'Pride' is one thing, ' Fall' is another!

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  1. The only way the various political entities on the planet will achieve agreement is via an outside threat. Barring a sci-fi invasion, I would say the climate crisis we have should suffice. Sadly, the rich don't give a shit: maybe it's time to oust them!