Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Influence of the Media on World affairs

I read the news and opinions every day on my various devices....alas, now very rarely on hard copy.

Media has our 'ears' or rather our 'eyes'. We have our favourites...whether it be the Guardian of the UK, the New York times, etc. Yes, it includes television stations too. Nevertheless, we are led by the trends, agendas, and policies of each.

Many have 'Opinion' sections which we read and decide our individual stances for the day. We go to work or the equivalent, and, as eloquently as we can, try to voice our opinions...often followed by arguments raging from polite and benign to vicious and vitriolic. 

Election time comes along and we decide how we might have a chance at changing the course of world affairs. Some of us will have thought it out in the light of our experience which may be wide or narrow. Hey, this is how our Democracy works...right!?

However, I do not think this that this serves Democracy particularly well..but what does? We are truly led by the sophistication of the media, the slick graphics, and the anchor team's personalities. 

The journalistic training of the writers results in the heaping of 'snow' on everyone. We can all read and watch; watch, but we are still doe in their hands.

We must all be aware of this and beware. Do as much research on every issue that comes up before action. 

Politicians are a special breed and the Media has become their faithful servant.

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