Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Prime Minister Trudeau's Recent "Blackface Issue"

I am not in any way a Racist and neither is he. Indeed, he is the very least racist of all world leaders today and he demonstrated this in his recent actions regarding minorities, the visibly ethnic and refugee policies.

I found his apologies for his PAST "blackface" actions, excessive and many agreed that they were superfluous. Notwithstanding, I firmly agree that such activities are inappropriate in today's context. Even a few years ago there was not the same social conscience surrounding such behaviour. In my early youth, I have dressed up in 'the garb of the visibly ethnic' but never with conscious malign intent. Playing Cowboys and 'Indians' just doesn't cut in at the age of ten in the 1950s!

I am appalled at the 'Witch-Hunt' kind of response and coverage by the media and opposition parties on this and consider this whole thing..."Dirty Politics" to say the least.

We should be aware that it was the Conservative Party which 'unearthed' the photos very recently and timely, for them. It is interesting that the Conservative leader has referred to 'same-sex relationships' as being enacted by "dogs" or words to that effect.

In conclusion: We might also be reminded that Sir Lawrence Olivier played Othello in an epic performance during the 1960s. He was also accompanied by some of the world's greatest stage actors. Alas (to the chagrin of the 'PC' community) he was a 'white man'! In, my, and many, many, opinions, this was one of the greatest performances in the twentieth century of a great play. Should his performance now be hailed as "Racist"?

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