Saturday, May 23, 2020

COVID 19 On wearing a DIY Mask

Wearing a mask (face covering in public/shopping) slows the projection of particles outwards when coughing, sneezing and even talking (Supported by Health Advisors). I sanitize the OUTER SURFACE ONLY before and after donning/wearing. In so doing there IS some, albeit small, tangible protection from others as well, regardless of the type of DIY mask. "False sense of security"? BS, not if you do this!...better than nothing. Do it! All you need to do is dampen the exposed surface with a fresh sanitizing cloth. Of course, if you disagree...your choice!
Most do it with their gloves, so why not with the OUTER part of the mask? I also wear some kind of glasses. And, follow the S.D. rules.
I am not related in any way to D.T.😁

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