Saturday, May 23, 2020

COVID 19 Update (May 23rd 2020)

I asked a US health care professional (Long term ICU Nurse) for her thoughts on the measures we are taking, or can take, regarding the COVID19 Virus. This was her response:
"The State I work in has done a fantastic job (so far) of social distancing and wearing masks. This had greatly decreased what we were expecting. I think the fabric masks are as good as the regular masks. The purpose of the mask is not to protect me but you. There is no way you are going to get sick or die from CO2. I think that theory is put forward by people who think this is a hoax and anti vaxer type people. I only wear safety glasses/goggles for known COVID positive patients or rule outs. I don't think it hurts to wear glasses though. I am still wearing my contacts. I know some doctors are not. They are wearing glasses at least at work. I am 100% for the social distancing. I don't think that means staying home necessarily but I for one will not be attending or going to any kind of place with a large number of people until I am vaccinated or this does the same thing as the SARs virus did a few years back and disappeared. I think things should open back up and I wish everyone would be careful when things open up but you know some won't. When things do open up I will be very careful about where I choose to go. I will still wear a mask.
Cloth masks vs regular masks are equal in regards to non medical usage. I feel at this point I have a pretty good feel for COVID. I work in the COVID unit almost everyday I work."

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