Friday, May 29, 2020

On Artificial Garden Soils

Be careful. Many soil mixes we have available locally have composted material which maybe not thoroughly 'heat' composted at all times. The ingredient's origin is either unknown and may even be suspicious. In short you take your chances.
Consider what you need the bought soil for. Is it for your shrubs, hedges or lawn; or is it for your vegetable garden? Is it for your flowers? The use is very significant. And it becomes even more important in a confined, sweaty greenhouse environment where disease can be an expensive issue.
I say, make your own compost for what you eat, from your own known ingredients...only use it for that. Use the other bulk stuff for what is less likely to kick back at you in either expense, or future frustration. Remember that artificial soil vendors want a quick turnover and profit. "Caveat emptor"

But the product may not actually be made locally or part of it may not. I have used several products here but I really try to find out as much of the details of manufacture as possible. 'Coast Aggregates' have changed hands recently, managements change and processes are also changed in time. Our local Waste Disposal firm has also changed hands, involving the same issues. Soil science is fascinatingly complex. You may also buy bagged soil mixes like 'Sea soil" of 'Miracle Grow'; these are pretty safe and their manufacture is often time proven...BUT expensive.

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