Sunday, May 3, 2020

On Composting in Bear Territory

You can do it; just follow this:

 Never use any meat, bones, fish or really sweet fruity material. Always layer alternately with greens, browns and some spent soil from your pots. Make sure that the latest top layers are always, browns and or soil. Aerate by using a pole/ broom handle etc. 
If you turn your compost over, do it after it has fermented for a couple of weeks. If you do have bears around in your neighbourhood, then sprinkle vinegar and/or ammonia around and on top of your bins...Bears hate both.. I have never had trouble. I have 4 bins which I rotate.
 Good stuff: onion skins, vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, green garden waste (not cedar), wood shavings, flower dead headings and tissue or paper toweling (surprisingly, the latter two are very good, rot down and provide worm havens). Add some high nitrogen fertilizer once in a while too. 
We have an under sink container for use as a pre-fermenter; and only add the content to our c.bins when full and hot...always covering it well at the top.
 We eat lots of vegetables.

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